What Is The Assessment Amount?

The total current annual assessment amount is applied to the routine operation of the community. The requirement for annual assessment payment is not contingent on resident issues with other account items such as past due amounts, fines or topics.

How are the Assessments Calculated?

Total Market Value (Per the Franklin County Auditor)
.075% (or .00075)
Total Assessment

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.075% (or .00075)
$342.00 per year (Master Association Assessment)

*NOTE for New Albany Country Club Homeowners:

The New Albany Communities Master Association and the New Albany Country Club Community Association assessments are billed together. This means that the amount on your annual coupons will include the quarterly calculated amount detailed above as well as your flat New Albany Country Club Community Association quarterly amount of $181.25 

When Are Assessments Due?

Your total assessment for each year is broken down into four quarterly payment due dates:

  • January 30th

  • April 30th

  • July 30th

  • October 30th.